1. FiveForwardSlash

    Unreal tags for videos. Can vidIQ lie that much?

    While researching new methods of finding popular tags with almost zero competition I may have found a few pieces of gold. And immediately I managed to find some tags with thousands of views and 1.5/100 and 3/100 competition in a very difficult niche. But the problem is that knowing how the tag...
  2. mrsmilyy

    Delete video and repost it without affecting my acocunt ?

    hy, sometimes when i post my video still 10 view for all the day, and 2nd day, so i want to delete it and repost in another our i does this already and it work pretty, when i repost, i get more view on the video but i see some people tell to other never delete video in tiktok because your...
  3. E

    How to deal with categories duplicate to tags?

    I took over a website and I'm cleaning up things. I noticed there are a dozen categories and tags with the same name, i.e. there is a category and a tag both with the name "cats". I have already no-indexed tags to prevent bloat, thin content and duplicate content. My question is how to solve...
  4. kuldeepsingh689

    Webmaster Coverage Issue Not found (404)

    My website has much Coverage Not found (404) Issue, I removed tags from my website, it's main reason for many Not found issue. Should I submit tag's 404 error to webmaster, temporary removal? Thanks
  5. CrazeWiz

    Looking for advice with DMCA complaints and threats of legal action for embedded videos from Mindgeek (Pornhub) including VERY personal email

    So I recently bought an expired adult domain because it had good metrics and tons of relevant backlinks (from 'The Porndude' type sites) Ahrefs UR38/DR35 - SEMRush Authority score of 44, it was niche based rather than 'general porn', I already promote dating/NSFW stuff, and it was only $10, and...
  6. L


    Hello i have more then 800 products images i want to fill all images title alt captions descriptions please need some suggestions what should i write in all these Thank You
  7. crissdinesh

    Vaccinated Wristband

    How cool it is. The wristband for those who get vaccinated. I think in future, making payments can be done using same band. I have seen fitness band which could be linked with your Bank account for earning points for walk and convert points to money or rewards.
  8. spies

    unstable server due to "tags"

    Hello everyone, my website is very unstable in the past weeks, i hired a developer to investigate the issue, he said to me that the problem is that i have to many tags (+190k), than i ask one of my friends if this is true and he said that tags shouldn't be the problem. I would be very grateful...
  9. tazarbm

    should tags be indexed?

    Hi, I have set up a couple of websites this month, but I decided not to use any "crucial" plugins anymore, such as SEO, caching, image optimizers etc. Well, I noticed that without the AIOSEO plugin that I used to use the tags get indexed in google, and I'm not sure whether this is bad, or...
  10. justmeseo

    [Killing Dreams] The Reality of YouTube Growth

    Hi and welcome to my brief post, Four weeks ago I have started a small journey (me-background = 5+ years as social media manager), a journey that I have decided to take by myself (without rush nor pressure). I have to say that I have invested at least 10 hours a day every day to learn as much...
  11. L

    Need some suggestions from expert in my youtube channel

    I have 97 videos now in my youtube channel my channel is related to cooking recipe all videos i made by my own 10 months gone but still no success at all please i need some help
  12. Hustlim

    Magazine about health and diets - TAGS OR NOT?

    Greetings to the BHW community! I need a advice. I own a health magazine where I have about 30-50 tags, but I don't use most of them anymore. I saw an article on SEO where they recommended using categories rather. And remove tags and redirect to new categories or articles. Do you think that's...
  13. L

    how to fix this console problem

    https://ibb.co/8xQmFM8 please check this image how to fix this problem please
  14. Meerakat

    [GUIDE] How to: Use BHW's search functionality effectively (For Newbies)

    WARNING: Long Guide There has been an increase of newbies lately, and all of them have been posting the most similar questions: "How to make money?" or "Give me some great methods to make money" and more that sounds exactly similar to both of these questions. BHW has been around for a...
  15. B

    [Q] is tag spamming hit an algorithm on YouTube?

    Hi BHW My question is Placing excessive tags in the video description (“tag stuffing”) is it new to get views on youtube? Even youtube algorythm is promoting those tag spam video everywhere. Dont you think it's a good way to get maximum views in 2020. use tag spamming for 24 hours and...
  16. E

    Being Able to Subscribe To a Tag

    If members are able to Subscribe(either via Email or Alerts) to any specific tag, such as SEO. This can be a very helpful feature. What do you say?
  17. T

    How important are H1 tags really?

    Ever since the early days of SEO, H1 tags have been believed to be extremely important for ranking the content in SERPs. But are H1 tags really necessary? Here’s how Google likes to answer it: You can use H1 tags as often as you want on a page. There’s no limit, neither upper nor lower bound...
  18. addictedtolearning

    Optimizing Etsy Keywords and Tags

    So, I wasn't exactly sure where to post this. It isn't social media. There isn't a subforum for it, etc. Perhaps it should be in making money? If so, please move! I was just wondering how to go about optimizing my Etsy listings. I'm getting almost no daily traffic and I've put up 104...
  19. zeroblackhat

    How to find what Tags Competitors are using on YouTube Videos

    Hey, guys, I want to know about any app or service or website where I can search what tags have been used on a youtube video.
  20. Muha07

    View Tag Videos Youtube

    Bro, someone knows how to watch other people's video tags on YouTube Now make "view-source:" already, you can't or make website tag view generator. if anyone knows, please give a reply I need it, thank you :)
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