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Youtube + ppd journey?

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by molibwe, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Dec 18, 2012
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    (This is not a journey) : It's a plan.

    Lemme explain this quick.

    I've know all methods listed in here BHW, but getting frustrated when I don't see results.

    Niche : Game real Keygens and fake all mixed. (Because I have no I idea about other niches to promote). Keygen niche saturated but I have no choice

    I have 3 weeks to do this. I'll be online with my journey for the whole time. So, I have to use it to make some money.

    So, I need you guys suggestions: Choose one for me and explain why I should? Please???

    What I can do:

    Method 1: YouTube Mass Uploading ( about 100 high quality videos self made ). Get about 500 views + 50 likes for those videos in one day, and forget that account, move on to another account the next day.

    Difficulty: Nothing.
    Easy?: Yes.

    Methods 2: Find only one niche with no serious competition per day. Make a video about it. Booooost it as fuck. Do anything to rank it.

    I don't know what are conditions to say a niche has no serious competition. How many results of YouTube videos is considered acceptable? Suggestion?
    The number of views that the #1 ranked on YouTube results page of that niche the video should have to consider the niche a no competition one? Suggestion?
    And last: I don't know how to rank videos. Suggestions on factors that helps ranking videos?

    From my experience *Been working on video ranking for a while*

    • I know it's not the number of views count of a video (I've seen videos with small amounts of views in the #1 position.
    • I know it's not the keyword in title and description (I've seen videos without keyword in title and description rank #1)
    • I'm not sure about the video length! Any confirmation?
    But, I know that Video Age is a factor in ranking. Most #1 position videos in PPD niches that I searched on YT are old videos.

    Easy?: Not easy for me until I know how to rank videos ( I read a lot about video ranking in here, none of those seem to be work for me)

    Ok, Method 2 is what many people are gonna recommend me because ranking #1 brings traffic ----> more downloads.
    But Ranking videos is the pain in here.

    Method 1 seems easier for me, but not going to get more downloads, tried it for 4 days and gave me low results.

    So I would like to go with method 2 with your suggestions on ranking videos please!!!

    So, guys please.