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    I am developing a domain-related service and would love your opinion if you have a second. I send out a daily list of expired domains that I have filtered down to include the "cream of the crop," with more than 100 filters I developed that reduce the list down to a manageable size (as you probably know, 50,000 domains expire every day, and the premium ones are usually backordered or bought by the big domain registrars).

    My service gives people a way to snap up these urls for $8 at GoDaddy or whatever you'd paid through NameCheap or HostGator or wherever you register domains. You can then develop them, flip them, or whatever-- totally up to you.

    The questions are:

    --How many urls per day would you consider "too many?" Like, if you got a list of 9,000 urls per day, would you read it, or do you think you would eventually burn out? Could you look at that many every single day? This will determine how many more filters I have to put on.

    --What (if anything) would you be willing to pay for a "premium" version of this service, for instance, if you could get all the urls with the words "private jet" in them every day? Would you consider this a worthwhile service? Totally ok if the answer is no, just curious.

    Finally, a technical question-- does anyone have a good script for suggesting a url and embedding the affiliate code in the suggestion? I can explain further and am willing to pay to have this created, but it has to be infinitely scalable and none of the domain registrars have anything like this (which I think is stupid).

    Thanks everyone!
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    - If it's a paid membership service, I'd say include 80-150 domain names ( depending on the size of members )

    - Depends.. I'd probably have a free list and a paid list. Free list being 10-20 domain names of the "lesser" and 80-150 of the "better". I'd say maybe $14.99 mo/ for such a service.
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    my opinion overall: meh
    your filters (values...what you're looking for) will be different from mine. In other words, value many times is subjective. Some domains with parsed kw's having 10,000 monthly searches are still available, and others with parsed kw's having 54 monthly searches, someone is asking $5k for.

    You can beat out Snapnames which has contractual, exclusive relationships with many registrars? Highly doubtful, or explain.

    see, the whole thing is that many other services provide this free.

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