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Yield Optimization or why Website Layout is important

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by se900se, Jun 20, 2016.

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    You have a popular site with unique and interesting info, you have ads on your site and making a good revenue. But is it really that good? How to find out if you’re squeezing maximum profit or you can get much more? One of the things you should look into is website layout and user behavior. Layout is important as you can make visitor ‘ad blind’ or make ads to fit your site and user experience and raise your earnings.

    The only way to find out how your layout affects your revenue revenue is to study user behavior. Layout is important and plays a great role not only in User Experience, but also for Advertising Experience.

    Advertising Experience – is my term and it means how actually your users interact with the ads on the site and how those ads perform for them. Is user ad blind or user annoyed with the ad? Or opposite – he’s happy with the ads not being annoyed and interact with them to bring revenue for you.

    It is work of your advertisers to make ads interesting for your visitors, but its your job to make sure that visitors see ads and you have abilities to increase number of impressions and interactions with the ads.

    So few tips:

    Ads should not annoy your visitors
    First of all, do not overload site with ads. User should easily define what is important on the page, not to find your info hidden below bunch on ads.

    Ads should be visible
    Example: if user have to scroll or do any other ‘special moves’ in order to view ads there’s a chance of leaking impressions as not every visitor will actually scroll through your site.

    Choose correct sizes of your display ads
    This may sound very simple, but make sure your ad dimensions fit borders of your theme.

    Different ad type needs different placement
    The more ads you put on the site, the more profit you make, but at the same time site overloaded with ads will look spammy to visitors and prevent them from enjoying what you have. Using different types of ads correctly – will not only make site look better, but also attract a higher revenue.

    Example: RevExit ads appear when user is about to leave a site, it triggers script that shows an ad. So if you see it when accidently moved your mouse - this won’t look nice, right? Some people may find it pretty annoying and never go back to your site. The best way to use this ad and not to affect user experience is to check your analytics for pages where visitors tend to exit the most and insert this type of ad on those pages. In this case you would be able to have an additional ad that brings revenue but at the same time you won’t annoy users and when they are about to leave a site it is a better chance that they will click. Your advertisers will also appreciate it as they will get more conversions, not just impressions.

    Couple screenshots from today and two days ago to show how optimization affects revenue and RPM:

    Before optimization: http://imgur.com/gLajZ7Q
    After optimization: http://imgur.com/APcGC8h

    For video it is better to have pre-roll video ads, so user knows and understands that he’s watching ad, otherwise unmuted ad somewhere on the site will make user find what’s making that noise and close the page eventually.

    For in-image it is better to have bigger images as small images will have smaller ads and lower performance

    Mix own content with native ads
    You will get better results if you mix own content with native ads that you use, this will not only give you more clicks, but also more pageviews per visitor of your own articles and more paid impressions.

    Ads within text
    If you check heatmap of your site most probably you will see that most ‘heat’ come where the content is, so using ad space within text gives a greater chance for more impressions and clicks.

    Mix Right Rail Widgets
    If you use ads solely on your right rail it would be good to add other widgets there to attract eyes of the visitor. Widgets like Instagram feed, Facebook group and other widgets related to your site or content will not only affect your social media but also interactions with the ads.

    Different Content need different layout
    If your site is gallery type you can use pagination and show one image per page and make some pages only show ads. Example: you have 10 images, if you show them all on one page you will get 1 impression from each ad, on the other hand if you make each image as a slide, users have to load new page and 10 images will give 10 impressions or more if you add 1 or more slides with only ads.

    Some ads can match content
    World of advertising is very developed, today if you writing about fashion or food you can get specific ads or widgets from ad network related to your niche, or ad network can even show ads related to keywords on your site. If your site content matches somehow what’s on your ad there’s a chance for more impressions, clicks, conversions and higher revenue.

    Use all possible tools to study what is going on your site and how is it going on the site!
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