Yahoo Pipe Tutorial- Convert RSS summary to RSS full feed

totally awesome tutorial sean! i finally made my own full rss feed.
do you have any suggestions how i can find rss feed specific to my niche?
thanks again man!
We need to find markers or characteristics on the source pages to pull out the full story.

thats the problem and this is why such a full-text scraper can never be universal, only for the sources where you know those footprints in the HTML and how to extract the text, because you have to hardcode that stuff.
hey sean,
just a quick question, what option do i have incase the feed doesnt have an xml extension?
something like this.


what do i use for step 3?
Step 3
On the left menu, drag the "Fetch Feed" module into the grid. At this point you need to add your RSS feed that you want to convert into the "URL" text-box of this module. Use the XML version of your feed. For this example, I will use a health feed from the Washington Post:
The purpose of this module is to tell Pipes what feed we are going to be working with. Simple!
I seriously cannot get the fetch page module to go into the loop operator, am i that dumb?
I seriously cannot get the fetch page module to go into the loop operator, am i that dumb?

drag out the loop module to the grid

then drag the fetch page module directly from the sidebar into the loop module- you can't stick the fetch page module into the loop module if it's already touched the grid... it's gotta go straight in :)

one question though, I can't seem to get it to strip the links; the regex <[/\]?[a]\s+[^>]*> works fine against a regex tester, but it will not take out the tags that make it a link. the closest i've gotten is
but that strips the anchor text as well. Any tips? Is this perhaps on yahoo's end? Thanks!
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Anybody knows how to get he start and end code for this rss feed?? The site seems to be different from the other sites, and I can't get any of the codes to work :(

Thanks in advance!
Hey Sean....I'm back to using Yahoo Pipes again :d A massive thanks for this thread.
It's so easy when you use FireBug on Firefox for locating the unique Tags.

My question is this.....How many times can you use Yahoo pipes say for one site??

I got a tech blog and looking to have various rss feeds going to each category....most of which will need to be filtered through pipes. So I'm wondering will pipes stop me after say 6-7 rss requests?

No worries if your not sure.

OK a lil stuck on this, can anyone find out what tags I should use for this benchmarkreviews . com - I'm totally stumped on it. Thanks
does anybody know how to remove e-mail address from a story text? This whole regex thing is killing me.
iam very interested in this but iam stil wondering whats the limit of request a single IP can make to a pipe before getting blocked. is there also an easy way to add some random proxies (from any list) to this?
So far I used 3 separate YP feeds on the same site, and I called each feed several times to filter out for keywords to go into different far so good.

Anyone know how to remove certain parts from the feed? On a particular feed I wanna remove an affiliate box that's in a DIV class.

Any help will certainly get my thanks and I'm sure others may need this info.
While I was searching for the question above....

What are the usage limits for Pipes?

200 runs (of a given Pipe) in 10 minutes
200 runs (of any Pipe) from an IP in 10 minutes
If you exceed the 200 runs in a 10 minute block, your Pipe will be 999'ed for a hour.
Can someone explain how I can get the XML version of my feed? I clicked the RSS button in the address bar, but it only says "mysite/feed"

Appreciate the share!
How to translate it?

Summary feed --> Full --> Translate to other language

Can we do that?
I'm trying this, but have not succeeded
There's a translate module on the left hand side...but it only covers some major languages.
Thanks for the useful info. I will have to get more readings before I start tweaking my own.
Hi guys,

I been working around with feed add:
with autoblogged plugin.

It only grab the words but not the video, but when viewing the feed with feedviewer it shows all the video tags which is what i wanted in the content.

I tried using the yahoo pipe line method but i got the full feed but when grabbing contents from autoblogged plugin it only grab the words(sorry used cracked version therefore cannot ask for any support from them). any1 having the same problem?

Pipe Web Address:
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