1. GainRank

    Affiliates Wanted for Online Headshop - Highest commision (20%) - WeSellPipes.com - Glass Pipes, etc

    AFFILIATES WANTED *Free and easy to join. *20% Commission on every sale. *Customer Service and Marketing support. *A unique URL assigned exclusively to you. *Real-time Stats and Reporting. *Commission paid through PayPal after just 30 days. *Low $20 minimum balance for a payout. WeSellPipes is...
  2. B

    Finally! An Affiliate Program for an Online Head Shop that Converts!

    Welcome to the Billowby Affiliate Program! With a product catalogue of 600+ products and growing, Billowby is the world's best online head shop. Don't believe us? Just Google our competitors and you'll see that our design and branding are far superior ... which means that our conversions are...
  3. R

    Looking for dropshipper of Headshop items for online shop startup

    I have been endlessly searching for a dropshipper for cheap headshop items like glass pipes, bongs, busters, papers ect...to get my online shop started then would like to move into wholesale buying. eventually i would like to open a should in my home town but we are kinda of rural one tried to...
  4. W

    Yahoo pipes, regex remove html but leave some tags

    Hi there. I'm setting up a autoblog and am using yahoo pipes to manipulate my feed. I am using <[/\]?[^p][a]\s+[^>]*> to remove all the html, and this works fine, only I would like to save some html. What I want is to remove all html except for the <p></p> tags and the <br /> tags. What...
  5. M

    Pipes Regex Problem

    Hoping someone can help with a regex problem I'm having in Pipes. I've been able to regex out most everything I need from a pipe that grabs the contents of a page with the exception of this last bit. <div class="img" id="spacer"></div><style>#spacer{clear:left}#abc...
  6. J

    Need help with my autoblog site!

    I had a problem with my autoblog site. I took other site feed with yahoo pipes. Some feed content is good but partly does not have description. I need help on how to remove feed content that does not have description automatically. Is there a wordpress plugin that can automatically delete posts...
  7. sean815

    Yahoo Pipe Tutorial- Convert RSS summary to RSS full feed

    I noticed there are many people who are clueless about Yahoo Pipes or can't figure it out. First off, let me explain what Pipes is. "Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mash-up content from around the web." Some people will use Pipes to takes several RSS feeds and...
  8. Z

    yahoo pipes

    Hi, I wonder what to do to extract full rss whit yahoo pipes? I found a very interesting link whit a pipe which extracts full rss but when i copied the piped (clone) and i added other url rss didn't work? :confused: the link for the pipe...
  9. U

    how to use yahoo pipes

    yahoo pipes know for the best service for enabling full feed from the short feed... but any one does know how to embed reach content in that feed like ....i want to create a feed with contain rich media like image and video how do i do so in yahoo pipes..... i am sure you are confused please say...
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