Xrumer what's the correct PR (several choices) when profile posting?

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    How to decide what the correct PR (several choices) is when profile posting?
    When profile posting it is possible to measure the PR of a site 4 ways i believe

    1. The pr of the domain eg domaindotcom
    2. The pr of the home page eg. domaindotcom/index.php
    3. The pr of the forum (which usually links to the members list page and so feeds the link juice to the profiles) domaindotcom/forum/
    4. The pr or the forum main page domaindotcom/forum/index.php

    IMHO only 3 or 4 are correct as a domain can have a high PR but due to its navigation from the home page the PR may not be passed on to the directory where the forum is (in which case the forum main page has PR0 and so is not worth profile posting in)?

    Any advice/experience is most welcome