Xrumer VPS vs. Fiverr Outsourcing

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    Greetings everyone,

    got a few questions regarding Xrumer VPS and speed of harvesting and profile creation.

    1. I recently found that there are several VPS services with Xrumer pre-installed for around 50-100$ a month. Can someone recommend a reliable VPS service with Xrumer right now that has open slots? Optional Tools would be: SB, SeNuke, TBS.

    2. I usually outsource my Xrumer blasts (5000 profie links each Gig) to Fiverr for 5$, which is nice because it takes only 2 minutes of my time to manage it and get the whole blast done.

    How long does the whole process of harvesting forums and creating 5000 profile links take approx. (from the view of an advanced user of Xrumer)?

    I'm just asking because I want to see if it will be cheaper to outsource this to Fiverr OR do it by myself.

    Thanks for your answers in advance.
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    I live just around the corner here ---------------
    WoW no one has given any feedback :p

    Anyway I've heard of an interesting VPS with Xrumer in there which is quite cheap, check it out...looks intertesing and maybe too good to be true, but I might take a months subscription. bhtdownloads.c*m.
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    And all this is cracked shit or licensed copies?
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    $ from websites I own.
    putting monkeys in paypal
    What happens is that the owners of the VPS install legitimate copies of all the software, then they crack the login to allow multiple sessions logged in simultaneously.

    So when you log in, you're sharing the operating system with everyone else who has bought hosting on that VPS. If there are 20 logins and they're all using the same OS, they're making 2 grand a month from those installs.

    I've read long arguments on warrior forum where the guys are trying to sell this service, and the writers of the software chime in and say they're thieves ... then the owners of the VPS say they bought a legit copy its their right to do multiple logins to the same OS if they want to, blah blah.

    Primary thing to remember is when you use it, you're sharing your installation with everyone else on the system. You can navigate to their directories, copy their lists ... etc.

    Not that I've ever used them before, but after following the conversations about it on WF I'm certain that is the case.

    That's not to say that some of the software might not be cracked, but the ones that are legit are all shared against the wishes of the developers.

    Just get a good VPS and buy your own software ... if you can't afford the standard software for SEO then contract it out until you can afford it.
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    This information is not correct. No one can use your files or see them.