Xrumer Antispam Feature

It is meant for advanced users dude.If you dont know what it is or how to use it, you will be pissed off when it gives the message, "Analyzing content" for the whole Links database :D
Very good link dude Gr33n ;).Is it working for you properly Sir?? For me it just says Analyzing content and stops after analyzing the whole database :(.I mean it does not post after wards :(.Can some pro answer this please :) ??

I have had it turned off so far through the ini... will look at this next week I think though... new version with a few bug fixes will be out by then with a little luck.
new version with a few bug fixes will be out by then with a little luck.

OMG really dude?? Is it officially said that a newer version will be released :) ??I hope you are not just hoping for it to happen :D
Its already out in Russian release.... only bug fixes, not a major update... I asked if it was coming to English users and told a few days.

But everything is working fine, so its not a major issue if it does not come so soon.
Thats great to hear man :).I hope they fix that Email activation issues and Email creation too :D.Also, is it possible to Integrate Decaptcha's API into XRumer guys??

Thats great to hear man :).I hope they fix that Email activation issues and Email creation too :D.

I would not hold your breath on that one... though SEnuke team have done a decent job sorting it out in their latest update so who knows...

The Russian release included new Russian emails (I forget which but i think it was Yandex and another, but that could be my rusty memory)

I dont know if we will get them, i have used Yandex and Rambler mail a few times in the past for various things....
alright anyone know perfectly how to use Antispam Feature in xrumer could u pls explain this here ?
Actually in the help file is an 11 stage step by step guide to Antispam (with a couple of small but obvious errors)...

Key points are to make sure you collect your antispam data from clean forums (ie ones that nobody spams on, this can be a totally new list of forums and can even be one that has forums so secure you could never post on them. The point is you want your 'answer' data to be clean clean clean. Also only use forums in the language you are working in) ....

Remember that the antispam database is stored in RAM, so if you only have a 2gb machine dont try using a 2gb database!

Once you have your database of 'answers' you make profiles on forums, has to be forums I believe, then turn on 'posting thematic replies' in antispam. Setup your post profile as per the help file (its in PProgram setings - Antispam System, and more info in Methods of Promotion a web project - Antispam) and start ...

the quality of what you get out will depends on your antispam database and ensuring your list of forums is high quality.
I think customising xrumer is very tough. It's hard enough just learning how to make posts with it. The Russians are doing well with it though. Making they're own plug ins and everything.
in the help file its not clear about antispy :(

Not much on antispy no... a bit on antispam :D

Ask a question then.... I found the help on this OK, but then I had 8 years of working with Russian IT guys so I am used to 'interesting' translations :)
i followed the help file but i get only this "suitable topic for the reply is not found" when i try to post in forum. can you guys help me how to fix it?
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