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Apr 28, 2013
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Hey everyone,
I am planning to go buy X Gram Bot for making instagram accounts and sell those likes/follows etc. but what about those that have proxies when creating accounts. Do you necessarily have them and how I get they? Can it be free? (Sorry for the bad English:D)
hi, yes you need them because if you use your own computer and creates many accounts your ip adress will be banned use 1 proxy for 10 account approximatly.

I have a question on this discussion ;D : I don't want to buy proxies but test free proxies with xgram for select good one. My problem is.. what is the format? example : xxx.xx.xx.???
I am also looking for pva creator for instagram,quora, facebook and gmail and twitter but the pva creator that they sell its too expensive. and i cant find it cracked any ideas?
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