[WTN] : what are the best Screen Captures softwares please ?

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    Hi everyone !

    I would to find the best quality, simplest and fastest Screen Captures softwares (not only pictures captures but also animated/broswed captures) :

    Main purpose : I would like to integrate screen captures into my final vids for promoting my 1Tpe products, which is the "French Clickbank".
    So it is only for products I'm affiliate with (almost 100% of my vids on Youtube)

    That would be mainly for Screen captures of the product's sale page.

    Note : I just make videos without sound : I disable audio, and add the screen captures in another software after, with text and audio, call to action etc, during the final editing.

    Today, I use "CamStudio Opensource" and the free "DivX" together but I find the process pretty boring and time consuming as it's just for screen captures.

    My question :

    -> Could you please recommend some softwares for the same purpose, quality, fast and simple software(s) ? (paying or not)
    (only screen captures softwares and no sound ! I add them in Windows Live Movie Maker or Slide Effect for final editing).

    However as I didn't use any other softwares like this, maybe the "softwares combo" I use (VamStudio + Fash) is already a good one. What do you think ?

    Thanks ! :)

    EDIT : I will upload my vids on Youtube -> I need a software without a player, without lot of features, without sound.
    Just simple animated/broswed screenshots of the sale page of the products I'm afffiliate with.

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