WTF! 3 days with scrapebox and I got #1

thanks to your method, I found an interesting keywords which have a lot of searches (more than 30k +) and blogs on this subject have only 100 BackLink (Fallow) with max pagerank third
So just get more links and is on the first page?
How many non-follow links I need to get to beat the 100 Fallow the links?
you talking and advices us about find low competition keyword but you had 9,660,000competition is it low ?
Damn that's pretty good, how much have you made off it?
what exactly do you mean by host the RSS feed on another site?

do you mean copy the links from link2rss, copy the links onto something like blogger, then take that blogger blogs rss feed and submit it to feedlistings?
I think he means to roll all the links to all the backlinks sites in a single rss feed using the software mentioned then host the feed on site like feedburner and finally submitting that hosted feed to the aggregators with a rss sumissiom software
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awesome Shit man " sniffs the last packet of coke " :p
What's the match type of the keyword? 14k exact or phrase or broad?
author of the idea is that in order to find fraze has a lot of searches being given part of the top 10 can easily penetrate adding BackLink adding as much as possible with the help of RSS feeds.

You can pay attention to the so-called viagra. It has many items but some keywords are very weak bet. You have to look for it. This is the first topic of the month in which everything is exactly as described.
Moderator Usually write "find the key word and spam him" but does not explain what and how. Here you have everything set on a tray
┼blackrat┼;2072353 said:
Paste the links on links2rss - download the XMLfile from the output. host it on any server, get the address(yoursite.c0m/feed.xml) and paste it into feedlisting. and many more agregators if you wish.

In case you didn't see it, ScrapeBox also converts a list of URL's in to an RSS Feed under Export URL List >> Export RSS XML List. Then you can upload the feed and use the RSS Ping option down on the commenter to submit it to the RSS services.
I hadn't realized that! :)

Could you make it spit the links to say 100 per file? If you go to link2rss, you can see it has some other useful options too.
I hadn't realized that! :)

Could you make it spit the links to say 100 per file? If you go to link2rss, you can see it has some other useful options too.

Yes it can do that, when you open the RSS window down the bottom you can type the number of URL's per RSS. As for the other options, go to "Options" then "RSS XML Export Settings" and you can change the feed title, description etc.
Awesome Job...

I love threads like this because they just gets me so pumped up...

We all need that from time to time...

Thanks for your time, good timings for me! Thanks for the share...

Thanks a million,

And have a blessed one...
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