WTF! 3 days with scrapebox and I got #1

Regarding part E, what site do you host the RSS Feeds on? And where do you submit to?

Because no matter what I do, my backlinks never get indexed for some reason.
I'm curious to see how that spot holds up over the course of a few weeks. From my experience Google ranks my sites well for a short time and then they fall into place.

How many backlinks did you create?
well, time and time again i keep hearing these stories. i had a guy come to me
because he wasn't ranking for a certain set of keywords and after we did a run
on his site he ranked for all of the keywords he wanted and was on page 1
understood, but your letter d, are you talking about boosting that one Wordpress site, or sites leading to the Wordpress site. Thanks.

Scrape PR blogs ONLY, then blast comments with your websites link on them.
Just a few questions im interested in because i own and use scrapebox.

What types of blogs are you commenting on wordpress or blogengine?

Are you using anchor text for the name or a proper spun name in the comment?

How are you getting the comments to be passed by moderators?

As for someone saying use feedlisting im afraid it doesnt allow autogenerated feeds so this doesnt work anymore; I use rss submit software or i use to ping for indexing purposes.
Enjoy while it last since you might drop soon.

But good job anyway!

Please respond to the pm I sent you earlier, and congrats on your rankings!
What type of proxies are you using for this amount of scrapebox success? Thanks for this thread :)
They say it isn't a very good idea to do that with your backinks right? I mean its best when the search engines find them naturally. What do you think?
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