[WTB] Online review writer $3-$5

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to hire people to write (well copy and paste really because I can provide the content) reviews on a popular review website with a green owl logo. ;)

    I'm working part time with a UK-based SEO company and they're starting a (trial at the moment) sideline of ramping up the reviews of the businesses who they do SEO for. Reviews will be for businesses in the UK and EU so I'm predominately, but not exclusively, looking to hire people who are in those places. I'm sure you'll agree that ten reviews from Americans for a Bristol UK restaurant doesn't really look legit, although there are some small hotels on their books. :)

    With your PM please tell me your IP address location (no proxies please as the reviews are unlikely to be published when posted using a proxy, even a paid-for proxy) and if the account you will post with is new or if it has existing reviews on it. An older account with exisiting reviews pays $5, a brand new account pays $3. You just have to cut and paste the positive review content and score.

    Payment will be via PayPal after the review is published on the site.

    Any questions just ask.