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    (I planned to post it in Making Money section but didn't got perfect sub forum so posted here, please change the forum if I choosed wrong category)

    Hi guys,
    I am writing an SEO book which is planned to be shared at free of cost. I am trying my best to make it a high quality ebook that can be understood and implemented easily by newbie to middle level SEO professional. Here are some of my plans, I would like to share with you and get some more idea in this project.

    The ebook will contain:
    * On-Site Optimization tutorial
    * high Quality Illustrations for better understanding
    * Printable Friendly so that user can use it as hard copy
    * Newbie Readability Level
    * Copywrited Article for high quality

    Revised Versions will contain:
    * Off-Site Optimization (1st Revision)
    * Google Webmaster (2nd Revision)
    * Google Analytics (3rd Revision)
    * Google Adwords (Not Sure)

    I am planning to submit the ebook to mass community and expecting some real serious number of downloads.

    The work is almost half completed and dated to premiere within 2 months. Do you guys have any suggestion or any monetizing method for this?

    I have some monetizing method but it would be great if I can have option to choose from.

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    Give the book away, build a list and promote other seo related stuff to them...