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    Wondering if there's a plugin that will put a "View Product" button underneath my image. I usually put an image to the left top of each post, but it looks pretty plain. Thinking a button underneath would look a lot better, but can't quite figure out how.

    Ultimately in my head I was wondering if there was a plugin that would add a custom field where I could put in affiliate link, and automatically put that button with that link under that image.

    Above: Example: from a demo wordpressreviewtheme site
    Probably not, sounds like a custom job.

    Perhaps I can just put the button in the actual post and hardcode it, I have got to look up how to stack images and still keep both images left align. I tried real quick with some tables, didn't work. Guess I'll have to dig into some css.

    Anyhow, any types of plugins that may do this? I've searched, didn't quite find anything relevant.


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