Worth to take .com over .info ?

Talking from your experience, or what you hear on DP?

Talking from, experience, I don't use dp. This isn't new stuff. .infos are cheap, spammers use them, they are pretty crap for ranking, but you can get them to rank with a good backlink building effort... .com's for exact match domains rank very easily... here are a two of mine...


....see how they rank first in google for their name....and have fuck all backlinks...this isn't rocket science, it's common knowledge!
If you are planning to keep the sites go with the .coms I don't care what google or anybody else says .coms rank better than .infos. But that is not to say that you cannot rank well for .infos.

So if you are looking to make a solid base of niche sites that you are planning to keep and make passive residual income the upfront investment for .coms is where you want to go. But to just to a quick job with moderate results to be able to resell later for a fast buck .infos are fine.
hmmmmm .com are always seen on first pages of google .info have rare chance
If you are going for exact match keyword domains...i.e. keyword.com v keyword.info the .com will rank much more easily for that exact keyword.

WTF! Whats correct guys :S? I am confused between infos I get from here.
Just a tip name.com has .com's for $5.99 every friday. So if you can wait a few days you can save a bunch.
netfirms.com is having their domains for $4 or so but it ends tomorrow...the coupon code is "PASSITON"
.com is better for your purpose.
If you have a limited budget try 10 .com sites and 40 .info sites, once you see the results, and if .com is performing better then after sometime buy .com domains of those 40 .info sites also. You need to check ROI through few sites first, then go for bulk.
The first spot for the term "Page Rank Checker" is the only well ranked .info I can think of, and I have 3 .infos myself...they all sit between page and 3 and 5 in Google.
.com would be the better choice over .info but not because of the .com, which doesn't matter.

This is because keywords can help in domain names in the following way. When someone links to your site one of the important factors is the anchor text and quite a few unsolicited links will simply have the url as the anchor e.g. yourdomain.com

If you have a hyphenated keyword domain then there will be an advantage because your keywords will automatically be in the anchor text.

The disadvantage is that at any time hyphenated urls may be considered spammy by Google. For example cheapest-ink-jet-printers-in-the-world.c... so keep to one or two hyphens at the most.

Also hyphenated domains are not good for 'branding' but if you have no intention of branding then go for the hyphenated url.
does someone know how .net domains perform? i own a few for some projects all wordpress installations. i'm new to all this seo stuff so i need to know what to buy next.

does this depend on the content and the language? i want to try some projects in german language.
Some facts:
1 - .com, net or org rank easily on the first page with no back links in many niches.
2- not everybody likes .info domains.

So to answer your question, yes, I'd always go with .com over .info.
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I took the tip that .info's rank just as easily as .com/.net/.org and registered one .net and two .info's around the same time (all keyword-matched). Used an automated process to get them all up and running and backlinked and guess what? After a month of getting lazy backlinks, the .net is ranked at 6th place for its primary keyword on Google while both .info's are hovering between 100th-200th place (for any keyword). :thumbsdow

Ouch, sucks, because I wanted to believe that .info's have equal chance (and I'm still trying -- $0.89 per domain hardly hurts) but from what I'm seeing so far, they must "earn" their rankings, albeit by some long-term whitehat tactics.
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how about maybe split them up and see what works best? ;)

like 25 .infos, and 25.coms

thats what i would do.

I agree, a split test is a great answer here.

I would so 5 and 5 and make each of them correspond with the others.

Like a red,white,black,blue,and green .com and .info

That way you have 5 split tests!

You can get much better names with .info a lot of times, and for seo optimization dashes only help, they never hurt!
go with com, is better as fast to get pr
YOu'd better register those .com domains because they will rank higher in the uK/us and more big countrys.
If i'd be in your place, I'd purchase 1 .com and the rest .info. A member, who once started a thread here about how he made $15K a month at adsense, mentioned that he find .info works just as well as .com with his micro-niches.

I hope you all have read about 'Acai Berry'???
Search in google for free money making website.Check Number 3.
Competition 154,000,000.You can rank same with .info and .com.
Only with .info it takes a bit longer.:p
i always wanted to know the answer for this question.
still not sure about the answer (different opinions may be)
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