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    ​Hey everyone,
    Re-learning basic KW research, I used keyword planner combined with ubersuggest to gather a list of keywords. I have over 1400 keywords organized by search volume, top - down.
    This isn't much compared to most people and it's easy to get lists of 10k+ keywords with scrapebox/whatever else.

    What do people do with lists like this?

    My thoughts were, since I'm new I'm not going to bother with the 150k+ searches, and I'd avoid anything under 300. So that will filter majority, however.
    I'll still have something like ~300 and if I ever add more it will only grow.

    Any suggestions to keep myself organized and save time sifting through to decide/know which keywords to use?
    I don't have any other tools. My goal is to end up with a CB Affiliate campaign, so I need to save relevant keywords and modify them for buyers keywords and long tails.

    Maybe I'm asking the wrong question, but if you know what I should be asking instead, please pretend I asked that question.

    Pretty sure I know what I need to do, but hiding from it as I know it will take a lot of effort.
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    Competition and how fast you want to see traffic/income is the balance that you need to focus on.

    If you want fast income then you should focus on low low competition with decent traffic (100-200-300 searches per month is enough).

    If you can delay the income (i guess you don't want that, no matter how big is your bank account) then you can invest more effort into kwds with bigger searches and the payout will be bigger.
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    I would have said you are already planning to fail if not for your question.

    1,400+ keyword is outrageous.

    Here is a short advice on how to stay organize and profitable.

    1. Pick the terms that are most relevant to your product or website offer.

    2. Split the keywords into two groups, short and long term. Short term keywords are the less competitive ones and the long term keywords are the competitive terms.

    3. Keywords generating under 1,300 monthly search should be used as blog post, web 2.0 and the likes. If you are able to get to the top with a few of these low traffic generating keywords, you will be receiving a good number of visitors daily while you work your ass up with the main ones.
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    Think about grouping your keywords into groups. If you have 3 or 4 keywords that are basically the same or very similar, group those together. Then you have keyword groups that you would create content around.
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    I use LongTail Pro and Market Samurai. It helps to sift through easy keywords