Woocommerce Dropshipping Puzzle

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    Jan 26, 2015
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    I have been working on a site as a noob since April 2016. I admire programmers so it is a labour of love. So close to launching and have hit a wall.

    The wholesaler will work with me but will not give me a product list or API access. My solution was to scrape the wholesaler's site except the scraper, with my limited abilities, does not do a good job getting the right attributes needed for woocommerce, in the correct format, and 80% of the image URLs are missing.

    Is there a plug and play solution to:

    1. Automatically import products into woocommerce in the correct format, correct categories, complete with images
    2. Sync wholesaler's product inventory in real-time and in turn sync it across seller platforms I use?
    3. work in stealth mode and randomized
    4. reprice as a feature

    Primatik = Ebay Specific
    Sellbrite = Pricey (not sure it automates private smaller vendor sites either)

    Any ideas??

    Thank you in advance.