Why High PR/Relevant Links (Link Wheels) Are better then ScrapeBox Blasts. - Read! -

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    Basically, I'm making this post to ensure you that high PR domain pages, such as Ezine Articles, GoArticles, Squdioo Pages, etc are more worthy then blasting your website with Scrape box. How do I know this? Well, experience. :rolleyes:

    Let me start off by comparing me and my competitors websites and results:

    My Website:
    -5 Pages, ( FILLEDDDD With 750+ Words of unique articles hitting long tailed and short tailed keywords. )
    -On-site SEO maximized optimization.
    -High PR Link wheel ( NOT blasted. ) It's just there.
    -Last but really least, 3k/5K Scrape Box auto-approved blast.
    ( 3k being indexed on Yahoo Site Explorer, 5k being there. )

    My Results:
    Went from bottom of page three ( #37 ) to page two ( #14 )
    Got me an Akismet banned. I new this would happen, Don't care.

    His/Her's website:

    -It's a fucking redirection. Meaning the PR goes to a CPA offer. Lol.
    No content, nothing. Same age as my domain.
    -77 links in site explorer.
    -ONE valuable link.. it's an Ezine article. It holds number 4 on ranking for the keyword. This means this guy just wanted the article to be highly rated and not his website, but the side effects caused his website to also get ranked.
    -Ezine article had probably a rough estimate of 1k+, more than likely scrape box blast. Sine his youtube video ranked number 5 for 700 spammy blog comment links.
    Their Results:
    #4 For the article.
    #13 for the actual website.

    Conclusion and Advice:

    If you have a low competition, go ahead and blast your domain with an auto-aprove list. That's no problem to get ranked. But when faced with higher competion, don't think the more links/anchor text you get the higher the rating. That's clearly not the factor. As my competing website beat me with 77 links when I have 3k. This means, focus all attention on quality rather than quantity. Don't even think about quantity.

    What you should do from my opinion? Get 10 unique link wheel spokes, or non-linked your choice. Blast those properties with scrape box.

    If I were to have blasted my link wheel instead of my main website, I would of had better results. But I took the foolish way. Imagine 10 high ranking properties! I'd dominate my keyword.
    :) With my money site being number one!

    I thought I should tell others before they waste their time like I did. But I wouldn't say I wasted my time since my rankings are much more higher now then before. But still, you're better off with unique, content, high PR, links.

    Some other tips:

    1. Don't ever say the word sand-box. UNLESS you: Created an AutoBlog, Sell links, DMCA infringement, or anything else that Google will MANUALLY take you off the SERPS. Then you can considered your self sandbox, AKA BANNED! Other than that, there is no such thing as sand box. You could "Dance" Because that has surely happened to me, right now as a matter of fact. Before I hopped into the shower my website was off the serps, came back it was back.
    2. Use scrapebox to find high PR blog posts, use those manually. :)
    3. If you had a choice between an Xrumer blast and ScrapeBox, do Xrumer. There's is litterely no OBL and Primarly ********. ( I will be writing a post about this later after my blasts come in from xrumer ;D )
    4. Don't blast your website more 100 blogs per hour. Be a "natural visitor"
    5. Fuck your competition over by banning them from WP commenting. Blast their websites on 10k fresh blogs. That'd dig their grave. It's really naughty but it kills them from commenting on blogs foreverrr.This is probably the only way you can effect their advancement of SERPS.
      • If you or your competition fucked you over, it's okay. Get a free domain from co.cc or buy another one. 301 redirect to your website. Your problem is fixed.
    If you think I'm immature for using curse words, than maybe the Internet is to mature for you. (;

    Well, Thank you for reading this! This is my first contributing post. Hope you enjoyed. And take my lesson learned for your own. A thanks would me awesome. I shall post when my xrumer blasts, and other finale SEO tactics are finished. BYE !

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    I have seen so many "SEO Strategies" on the forums and there are two completely differing viewpoints. One is that you should just put all links to your money site so that there's no "diluting of link juice".

    The other is this strategy. And honestly, I am more inclined to say that this strategy works better. At least it's what I use and have never experience any "sandboxing" or all this other crazy stuff that people talk about.
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    Without question building up the backlinks to the sites that are linking to you is an absolute must and will yield outstanding results if done properly.
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    I agree, will do this next time!
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    People are lazy though and just want to use SB and XRumer to spam anything and everything with zero thought process. Now those links have become so watered down that they carry very little weight anymore.