Who's In Arizona?

OK this is an experimental post to see if my post number is going up, because I think it is not.
AZ Podcamp (and its free) is next weekend and its an excellent place to make contacts and to meet people. Make sure you have business cards and or a Vcard ready with all your information. That is how I met most people.

I will call joes today and get a table of 10 for all of you whom would like to come out please do.
Oh BTW every we are meeting tonight at 7:00 at Joe's Crab Shack next AZ Mills on the I-10 and Baseline. Come out to do some black hat networking.

All you fools that didn't show up and are still in grammy's basement missed out.

Next time tho eh?

Was good to meet the peeples that did show up.

- Jonesers
I'm glad we met up. I believe we all bring something unique to the discussion as none of our skills overlap at all. I'm a hardware guy but no nothing about seo or getting indexed.

If everyone is game I'd like to setup a working meeting at a village Inn over coffee and pancakes, eggs, bacon (yum bacon). I'll know what my week looks like after monday.

Thanks, Cel
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