Wholesale Branded Socks! (100% Authentic) Tracking Number on ALL orders! No middleman!!!!

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    Hey everyone. My name is Kevin. I have plenty of socks ,branded: Calvin Klein, Golden Toe, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and a few generic value socks.
    All these are 100% authentic. Some socks have tags, others do not. However, all of them are customer returns and are unused,except for the PUMA's (those are brand new, with seal).
    Prices vary by socks.

    I'm trying to save money for college (parents are in debt, no kidding) and for a few necessities (car).

    MOQ is 5 and a flat $5 shipping rate with any domestic order.

    Tracking number will be used on all domestic orders.
    International orders will be accepted, however, without tracking number. You can pay the extra for tracking. Insurance will be used (for my protection).
    PayPal, Money Orders & Alertpay are accepted.

    Feel free to ask my any questions. And to clarifiy things, I reside in the eastern coast of the US.

    Also, Pictures can be provided. However, I'll be slow for a while (I'm getting my new phone next week, so then should be no issue!)

    I'll update the post if I have more interesting things. Communication is vital!

    Coach bags:
    Coach Bag MSRP $398, with tags: $250 (includes shipping & tracking number, yes 100% authentic. Pictures can be provided)
    Coach Wristlet MSRP $78, with tags: $59 (includes shipping & tracking number, yes 100% authentic. UPC: 885135184814)

    You can have both for $279, including shipping & tracking. First come, first serve. Serious requests only. Pictures can be be provided.

    Misc Items:

    Resident Evil Portrait: $50 (includes shipping)
    3 Hollister M LS Shirts: $40 (includes shipping)
    Bubbled DVD Mailers (fits 2): $1.50 (includes shipping), MOQ 10. Order 20 for $1.09/pc (including shipping)
    Customized Arcade Stick: $60 (includes shipping) (note: it has custom parts in it, high quality but has some wear in the artwork. Belonged to a friend who played Street Fighter, the parts are tournament quality)

    -Kevin (just call me Fez people, btw)
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    What's going on man? College student myself, PM ASAP
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    Vouch for my guy Kevin! High class member, very nice and helpful!

    Great to do business with! Thanks!
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    Hello, I am very interested please send me a private with all the details. I have an ebay account with these features, I am a serious and reputable seller. I hope your answer, greetings.