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    Hi fellas,

    I have something in mind that i will like to share with you. It is a similar strategy not a new one but a little different.
    I am thinking of making a group or a community in which any one can post a link and all the other member should share it by any social media or like it, upvote it, stumble it every thing that can be done.

    In this way we can a complete white hate off-page optimization can be done to any website or blog.
    The people in the group should have account on the following platform:

    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Stumble Upon
    4. Tumblr
    5. Pinterest
    6. Medium
    7. Delicious
    8. Instagram
    9. Reddit
    10. Google Plus
    11. You Tube for video

    Anything else you want to add in the list, you are welcome.
    The more member we will have the more profitable will it be for us.

    if a person post a link then we should not visit the link directly but by searching the particular on the platform. In this way we can have much better result on the link.

    Please share your reviews on this and what will be the best platform for sharing links, I think here we can do that.
    Any more suggestions are welcome.