Which script is that ?

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    Hi guys,

    I was thinking a lot of about which script or cms is that:

    When you search for a domain or yust a keyworld often find in the first few result in google domain look up and other kind of whois and dns sites, and sure other kind of trash sites too like markosweb ect... They are seems to relevant because google to put them into the first lines ? Or what kind of power are they have ? Because those information what they provide like the whois and others are not unique content, isnt ? And other important question is what i cant figure out by myself, how can they create those result ? When sometimes a user search for something in that site, the site is save the result in a html page ? Ok but how can it store ? And how can it store search result which ones are never been searched via this site ? And how can be result in google the page which no containt any content like "Sorry we dont found any result" pages whith full adsense also from those sites.

    If anyone have any opinion pls feel freely to write here.

    Sorry for the bad english.