Which First : Views, Embeds, Bookmarks, SEnuke, GSA, BLs?

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    Hi Guys, does anyone know the best order if I'm trying to rank in google? I read to let first get BLs, then let the vid sit for a day before blasting views? Should I GSA and SEnuke. Does anyone have an order they've followed with results to rank in google? Thanks!
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    Step 1) Get your video high up on page 1 of youtube. I tend to aim for the top 7 (top 3 is ideal). I find if a video is lower than that, or on page 2, it takes a lot more backlinks to get it showing up on Google.

    Step 2) Backlinks. This is EXTREMELY relevant. There are literally hundreds of different factors that come into play. If you have a niche account, thats aged, and every video in your account targets relevant keywords, Google will give your videos priority. Your youtube channel gains authority, and videos from your account will rank easier.

    But if your account is mixed niches, it becomes much more unstable. You'll have an aged account, and it might be authoritative, but it won't be relevant. Then there are factors like competition, NOT just your current YT competitors, but websites on page 1 of Google. And this comes down to thorough competitive analysis. You have to take a lot of factors into account. Then you plan a strategy based on data.

    Remember, there is no "cookie cutter" approach.

    This is about research and innovation. Research the market, your competition, innovate a foolproof strategy.

    Backlinks ABSOLUTELY help rank videos. But again, there are so many other factors where you can have a video
    with 1000xs more backlinks than your #1 competitor, but your video still isn't ranking. It could be cause his video
    is a lot older, his account has more content, more subscribers, more authority.

    What I've noticed works best, is developing focused, authority YT accounts. With 20-30 videos, all targeting
    similar keywords. Then boost ALL the videos in your account. Let it age, let it get authority. You will notice after
    a couple months, you'll be able to rank these videos like cake. They're rank much faster, much less hassle, and
    they will stick.

    Then you can have an account with 1 video, and it might take you 6 months just to get your video #1 on google.

    Like I said, its a LOADED question. Hundreds of different factors. The google algorithm is a beast. But one thing
    I've noticed, my accounts that have lots of relevant content, and have aged a few months, those videos rank
    100xs faster than my aged accounts, with just a couple videos.

    So I personally believe, that Google is paying attention to a lot more factors than your average marketer would
    like to accept. If you're doing 1-2 video accounts, and your keyword research is weak, it could take you many
    months just to get a video on page 1 of google.

    Someone could really write a 300 page guide just about ranking on Youtube.
    Thats how many different factors come into play.

    But one thing I can tell you, I don't believe in the theory of "randomness".
    Not when you're dealing with mathematical algo's. Its basically a game, like
    blackjack. Most people suck at it. Some people learn how to count cards.
    Some people develop software to count cards for them.

    Life is a game in general. And only the smartest and strongest will survive.

    I hate to sound so preachy, but its usually never as simple as the basic
    explanations you get on this forum.

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