* where is the best place to learn wordpress? *

Jun 10, 2009
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Yo BH'ers!

So I've completely had it with LAZY a$$, idiot designers and Coders!!!!!

Also sick of wasting my hard earned $...

Im going to teach myself how to become a WordPress design/coding expert.

ANY ADVICE on a good course/place to learn how to code and design great looking & functioning Wordpress themes?

Wordpress themes are nothing special or anything difficult to learn, they are just websites with cascading style sheets (CSS). So just learn web design and CSS and you'll be a great designer in no time.
Youtube has some great tuts. Really it's just a standard website. The coding is the only thing that is different.

They have detailed tutorials on how to make a site from scratch from there you just need to learn how to integrate wordpress code and you're done.
As long as you understand some basic HTML and CSS you will do fine.

I always start with someone elses theme and just tweak it until I'm happy with it. There's so many themes and plugins already out there it's nearly impossible to not be able to take something right of the shelf and tweak it to a persons liking.
This may be a good place for your to learn about WP, it's a recently launched membership site

The best place to learn Wordpress is from Google or you can also learn through Videos available on Youtube.
The best place to learn Wordpress is INTERNET.
Search the Google and you will get a list of how you can learn Wordpress.
You can go for youtube for video learning. Or you can learn from list available on google.
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