Where do you start?


Jan 18, 2017
seriously. Where do you start?

so you think of a banging concept (or you believe it is anyway)

do you dig straight in and just attack the first thing that comes to head?

do you write a list of things to be done? If so what do you prioritise? Website, branding, content etc

would you build the platform before the brand? If so how would you do the design?

im just lost

I feel like I have a winning idea and don't want to start wrong.

any advice or opinions would be great
Create a couple ig accounts and take one of landing page from ogads. Create site on any free hosting (like weebly or sth), put content locker link on weebly site. Leave weebly link in bio and spam, no investment needed, easy $10 a day. Good luck !
Read & read some more. Do your research. Don't go in diving head first, you'll hit your head. I started my first brand after doing 3 months of research (5h+ a day). I know that my example is extreme but I made my first 100$ easily without having to ask 1 question on a forum, because I had done my research.
Thats right, just put in work and dont rush, research and learn, results will come.
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