Whatsapp keep banning me!

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by omerkaya, Sep 8, 2016.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am giving an online service to small shops by helping them increase their presence in social media.
    And the best way for me to reach potential customers is to find them on social media (mainly on Instagram), scrape-filter right audience and contact with them.

    So far most effective way was whatsapp. Not DM or not viber.

    Occasional bans from Whatsapp was acceptable but lately it become really pain. I use bluestacks to use whatsapp. And now whatsapp started to ban me after first message.

    Does anyone know what are they banning?
    - IP?
    - Bluestacks device ID, GUID, etc..?
    - Message that I use?
    - My website written in the message?
    - What else?

    I am sure there are professionals here who know how to go around this problem. Can you please suggest if there is a way for me? It is really important for my business.

    I tried changing my IP - didn't work
    I tried Bluestack Tweaker - didn't work, couldn't even root Bluestacks.
    Change IP and reinstall blustack, whatsapp - didn't work.

    Please kindly advice.

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    They Ban by Detecting the Hardware that we used to create and latest method they use is encyption