What's your take on alcohol?

you should try weed to lower your stress, alcohol will turn you into an awful person over a long period of time if you abuse it.
Some people drink (or do drugs) for fun and entertainment. They can do large amounts and often, and yet, they end up fine because addiction doesn't happen because you have a physical need for the substance, but a mental one need, which you can't just grow out of like physical symptoms.

Others are prone to addictions and abuse substance to escape their problems. Those people could do cocaine, balloons or alcohol (or anything else really, those were just random examples). What exactly they abuse, is just personal preference. Those people can't really be helped. They will always eye with alcohol.

That's why the latter end up detoxing and getting "away from it", and then end up going back on it again even when they are physically clean. You can go cold turkey on cocaine and have a horrible few months, but even when you're physically fine, your brain keeps screaming at you to try it again. Only very, very few learn to live with that voice inside their head without ever relapsing.

So, in a nutshell, that is my take on alcohol and drugs in general. Personally, I drink and I am fine if I don't get a drink, and I never drink and feel ashamed. At most, I become hung over for a while and that's the only time I really think I shouldn't drink, other than that, I handle it quite well even when I had phases when I drank every night until I was drunk. But I did it because I was having a good time in a bar, and you drink in bars. I didn't drink with the only goal to get drunk. Subsequently, when I started travelling and didn't ahve any money on me, I didn't even feel the desire for a beer. Never even thought of it.

One of my funniest stories is still how I was drinking gin with some americans while being hosted by an italian teacher, and I didn't have a drink, not even a singular beer, for 7 months straight at the point, and the last thing I remember was opening the kitchen door and then .... blackout.

THe funny bit is that I have 2 different stories of the night, and they can't be both true, but I don't know which one is.

Sometimes, when you get blackout drunk, you start to remember slightly, when people tell you about something. Even if it's just as little as a feeling that it's true or not. You may not remember all details, but you do remember something somewhat.

For that night: NOTHING. Not a singular thing.

DId I run from the cops while my friend was smoking hash and we climbed over a wall and then I just slept in the bushes when the cops ran past us? I don't know.

Maybe I did try to hook up with the two girls in the bar, and fell over when I tried to lean on the table they were sitting at, and then was pushed in a shower later and spilled wine all over the white wall of some guy who took us all into his home when the pub closed. Do I know? No.

Either way.
Alcohol can be fun, but it's not for everyone.
For me,
I've been an entrepreneur since 14 years old. Very cheesy to say, but I have always been 'too successful' for my age, in terms of revenue.

Being responsible for money that surpasses the amount of yearly income for most at the age of 16 is very, very stressful.
That led me to chronic stress that I've now had for almost 4 years. That stress has led me to irreversible heart damage and I've now been diagnosed with a heart condition that will very likely end me before I turn 30, if I keep my current pace of working.

Ever since I turned 18, I have suppressed my stress with alcohol, and have found myself drinking on a Monday morning way too many times. I've found drinking to be a way to escape stress, work duties, and life in general.
Though, I'm now proud to say that I've been 'clean' of alcohol for a few weeks now.

If you've ever had any problems with alcohol and have been able to quit it, how did you do it?
What's your take on the stuff?
i think anything in moderation can be tolerable but dont ever let something of that form become a bigger part of your existence than you
Hi Thank you for your question.

My take as muslim is these are very hard drinks. And we are very humble and kind people. They cause more harm to us than good. Some people commit suicide on the downers, just a slippery path to nowhere.
Hard drinks lead to this sort of life,
you could be successful today but downfalls and calamity strikes faster than you think.

It starts with drinks and ends with shit like fentanyl, good is rewarded with good, and too much hard drinks lead to being lazy and living in the mind; hence the downward spiral.
You are not successful if you die before 75. Money that you got while damaging yourself is pointless. At this point you may even sell your organs and flex that you 're successful.
If i keep my current pace of posting on forums I'll not make neither money nor live up to a decent age. This is like alcohol. I just can't stop. :weep: Addiction to posting long posts.
Alcohol won't work anymore for me. I got to find a wife and 7 kids + 3 millions while living without bigger stress. Alcohol is fun when you have literally zero fulfillment in life, zero goals and zero idea of what to do next decade. Well, I can't drink frequently anymore. It's too much time wasted and too much damage from that.

My current frequency of drinking is one heavy party once every 3 - 6 months with 1.5 liter of vodka. Still too much. Alcohol - never again.
I've been for both 12 and 24 months without alcohol. Not a problem to not drink for me.
Sometimes I just forget what type of drug it is. Crazy drug.

I need my intelligence to do algebra and C++.

One party is like one week of lesser efficiency... It's a loser's situation to drink alcohol.
An acquaintance of mine was also an alcoholic and he became more impatient, like he turned into a different person, and not long after he got liver cancer
You can try going to the gym, with your income you can probably hire a personal PT, who will also handle your eating problems
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