What's your most and least used browser? Why so?


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Jul 9, 2020
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So, when I was new to IM in general had no idea any good browsers exist apart from Chrome (was not aware of how Chrome sucks your RAM)

Then, i discovered that there this Browser called Brave that does the job equally good (read better)

I personally use Brave the most these days and Chrome/Firefox the least.

What's your take?
I advise everyone to use Firefox but I personally use chrome because I've been using it for years now. I have almost 300 tabs open and I'm lazy to shift them to Firefox.
For YouTube channels I use brave.
Back in the years when I was a web designer around 10 years ago, I used to use Firefox a lot. It helped a lot with UI fixing with its extensions. In the later years it started slowed down, hanging repeatedly and caused lot of annoyance while working due to this.

I slowly switched to Chrome.

Then I switched to full time Internet Marketing and Chrome is sill doing the best work for me.

I also have Opera, Chrmium, Brave and IE installed in my computer.

Honestly I use them all. :D Each for different accounts and purposes.

But Chrome is the winner for me!
Brave - Earn BAT/ad blocker
Yandex - Fan of Yandex
Opera GX
Safari - Seems too boring
Librefox - Don't like it deletes data after browsing
I use multiple browsers and they're all used for something different. the main two are brave and chrome. I'll never touch firefox again knowing who invests in it.
Firefox main

Chrome secondary

Opera, Brave and Firefox Portables for the rest

Internet Explorer and Edge, historically speaking, every time I would open them I would feel a sharp pain, in my balls! So I don't even consider them EXCEPT in cases where I format a computer, and I need to download Firefox for the first time :p
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