Whats Going on With MY Adsense?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by michael jay, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Can't Seem to Figure out what is going on.. i am running autoblogs and many have tons of subdomains but since creating them i've noticed something crazy happening in my statcounter..

    Before if someone "exited" my site via an Adsense creative, my statcounter would display a LONG url google adsense string..in my "visitor path" area, now i have many that simply look like this: Google Adsense 160x600 but after i count, today i had 31 hits to my adsense on the exit, BUT my Adsense backoffice is only showing 15 clicks?? And this has been off for 5 days now.. i know some clicks are invalid but this many??? Each day they are really off, makes me think there is some huge shaving but the last time i counted the numbers were not as off..

    Also my statcounter traffic is reporting ex: 1000 total visits/day, but adsense reports 700 visits at the end of the day and never seems to "catch up" as we know it lags a bit... has anyone else seen this?

    Does someone understand where i might be making an error? and why the Adsense url strings have shorted in statcounter? The only real thing i am doing different is showing pages in my wordpress instead of posts.. could that be it??

    Clueless right now..:confused:
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