What is the best way to monetize this concept?

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    I have been approached by a group of people who want an online platform for their service. They all provide a service by phone or skype. Each call lasts about 90 minutes and they charge 50 euros per session (+- $70).

    They have approached me to build a website and get targeted visitors (via seo, ppc, social media,...). They want to get more customers like this and are willing to give me a percentage of the profit in exchange for the site if I maintain it and keep the visitors coming.

    I have a couple of options as far as I can see

    - Create a system with mobile billing (pay per minute) and get a percentage of every call. The problem with this is that a lot of the customers become repeat customers. This is not some fortune telling hocus pocus scam. The service they deliver is of top quality. But they could tell their customers to call them on another number the next time they need a consultation which would make me lose my percentage.

    Also, this system is not very user friendly for repeat customers.

    - Collect potential customers and sell them for a fixed fee to the people in this group.
    But when a customer visits the site and wants to speak with someone right away, this doesn't work either.

    Does anyone have a better solution to this problem? The perfect solution:
    - lets visitors connect with a consultant right away via skype or phone
    - is user friendly
    - lets me keep a commission of repeat customers.

    Thank you for any suggestion you may have! [​IMG]
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    I had something very similar about 1 year ago and I offered my client 2 choices:

    1. Pay a fixed monthly rate (comfortable for me) for maintenance and marketing
    2. Pay a one time huge fee and a small monthly fee for maintenance, hosting etc.

    He wanted to give me a percentage of the sales that happened from his site but I just couldn't trust him because he could simply find ways to leave me out of commissions for deals that came from the site. Anyway, he chose the second option.