Denis Brown

Feb 3, 2018
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Hi there,

ASO or App Store Optimization is a process of optimizing your app to appear higher in the app store search results.

This is a tricky question as there is nothing like a universal recipe for doing App Store Optimization. Concrete actions truly depend on the app and target group. However, some actions like these are never wrong to take:

- Add Keywords into the title

Although, the exact ranking algorithm in app stores was (and probably will) never made public, many app marketers could recognize that the app title is one of the most crucial factors for ranking. So make sure to include your most relevant keyword into the title. However, it should stay readable and clear!

- Avoid too long descriptions

Users do not read eternally long full-text app descriptions. They immediately want to know what your app is about. So make sure to start with something getting their attention and then try to clarify your apps features in a plain and preferably short way. Better concentrate on the most important features and keywords.

- Observe and Respect User Reviews

User ratings and reviews are very important aspects for your apps performance in store. Although there are bad reviews, you should answer them as fast as possible. Positive reviews, especially, should get highlighted.

- Monitor your app & Try new things

As App Store Optimization is an iterative process, optimization never ends. Positive results might not be visible immediately. So make sure to continuously monitor and optimize your app and app store rankings. As every apps path of optimization is different, just try out things and document whether it worked for your app or not.

Hope it was helpful!



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Nov 25, 2014
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Thanks for this it may help me a lot soon.
If someone is good at reskinning please send me a PM for furtur.