What email templates would be effective in approaching website owners ?


Dec 11, 2013
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I use this template for example to approach website owner ,
that i would like him to promote our casinos on a REVSHARE/ Cpa deal
Please give me advises/ remarks & i if there was such kind of email sent to you & looks effective i would be happy id you send it to me ..

Subject: Business offer (sometimes i write in the subject line - Hi XX . I wanted to discuss regarding a cooperation with XXX)
How are you ?

My name is XX and I am an Affiliate Manager at XX that owns casinos with High Conversion Ratio.

I understand that you must get a ton of requests by Affiliate Programs and can certainly understand if you're reluctant to reply to them.
I do however I am sure we can match you the appropriate deal & exclusive promotion, as we do with other affiliates/ networks who work with us successfully .

We are interested in listing with your sites , our 4 casino brands, that have Dedicated conversion and retention teams in various languages
(En/ Ru/ German/ Fr/ Es & in a few weeks - all Scandinavian languages).

We offer CPA, RevShare, hybrid, guarantee on each player, no negative carryover and any other special commission deal that you'd like to suggest.

Our budget is unlimited as long as your site delivers and you can enjoy from the following verticals: Casino, Live Casino, Scratch Cards and more.
We offer over XXX games from XXX different game providers, including XXX)

Please add me on Skype ( or contact me via email so we can discuss the option of working together.

Looking forward to hearing back from you & I would be happy to deliver any further information you would like.


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Jun 9, 2014
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The text reads well enough. If I would be interested in this kind of thing, I likely would write you back. However, most sites will not be interested in your offer for two reasons:

Affiliate / CPa puts the risks solely on my side - you want something from me, better offer me something.
Advertising banners usually are really REALLY ugly / bad / blinking so they screw up my page - thanks but no thanks.

I would test the websites into two buckets - people who understand what you are talking about "CPA, RevShare, hybrid, guarantee on each player" and a more newbie one. I personally want to see the material which I am suppose to use.

In your special case: I see you offer international options which is great, however unless you also can show me the information about how I can legally advertise casinos on my site, don't expect much pickup in several european countries from website owners.

The newbie site owner will want to be addressed by their name and not with "Hello," the more experienced will be interested in more info on numbers / earning potential.