what dedicated server should i choose with maxcdn?

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    i have been using this dedicated server since nov 2014:
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    Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 3.3GHz/core 1TB RE4 / 120GB SSD 8GB DDR3 10TB 5 $149.99
    by 24shells

    i migrated from blogger to wordpress, so it was my very first time to web servers. i chose above plan of 24shells, as per my requirement, 100k to 200k pageviews per day. 24shells representative convinced me to use their dedicated server and they will be able to take 15k people online at same time(as i get sudden traffic to my website from fb pages). but after migrating to their server, it was starting to collapse when i got like 5k people online at same time on my website, so their customer support told me to use 'litespeed webserver', he installed litespeed by replacing apache. so after installing it, there was some improvement but not as much to take 15k easily.. there was an issue with heavy admin-ajax.php usage. so i had to block it during hight traffic time with htaccess file.

    Problem was not really solved, so i decided to try cdn network, i started using max cdn since feb, and it was easily taking 15k people online at same time. it is also taking much of my bandwith, check this stats below:

    Nov without cdn: 4tb on dedicated server
    dec without cdn: 4tb on dedicated server
    jan without cdn: 4tb on dedicated server
    feb with cdn : 800 gb on dedicated server + 2tb on maxcdn(also no issues with heavy admin-ajax.php)

    so i am looking forward to continue with cdn but i really want to cut my dedicated server cost, as from now i'll also be paying for cdn.
    please suggest me some good and cost effective dedicated server to use with maxcdn, as 10tb bandwidth is not really required to me now.
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    some one sell you a very powerful server which is more then enough for your requirement. just do the following.
    server specs required :
    Core i3 or i5, 8GB ram, SSD Hard disk, 1GB or 100MB connection.
    install cpanel + cloudlinux and optimize your apache for wordpress hosting. then optimize your wordpress and remove useless plugins,

    Note: there are some plugins which always collapse the server, so your wordpress must be optimized.
    I guarantee you that your server can take more then 20K visitors without any CDN service
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    This doesn't make any sense at all.

    There is next to no reason to use cPanel or CloudLinux, additional license fee's for no real gain.


    OP - Do you have an idea how much CPU, RAM & HDD you are using on your dedicated server?

    Are you needing management?