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    Hi guys,

    I am a newbie on the website as I am purely here for one reason., finding an ATC Bot developer. Anybody with good reviews and believes he/she passes the points set out by the admin of the forum when hiring somebody and minimize the risk of being scammed, is more than welcome to reply.

    So, having said that, what am I looking for.

    I assume you guys have been asked this question a million times but I am looking for an ATC Bot developer. One that provides excellent service and can communicate through different channels after extensive communication on this website. I am looking for a long-term cooperation and not just a 1 time deal.

    I have no idea what the costs are, so see me as a consumer, looking around for a good package / deal/service. I am looking for a customized ATC bot and not one that has all the features that one can buy on the internet. What is important is that it is customized and by working together on a frequent basis (i.e. the ATC bot need to be updated or something) the chances of success increases bit by bit..Willing to pay as I know what i am looking for doesn't cost a few bucks.

    If you are interested, add me on skype: Freeky Indo

    Freeky Indo
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