Want to earn $5000 a month?

OP: why don't you post more details here in the open?
No money required just your costs setting up wesite and advertising all the usual cost...

minimal...costs required...and no i don't get anything from you just make monney when we work together... as a team.
yes it is and i'm the guy who put the advert out...however you'll find it's not pasted all over...to get over kill... i put out the ad and work with applicants then go to another forum...

isn't that called marketing mate?
Sounds like one of those TV Infomercials you see nightly...hopefully it isn't...
Put more details here in the post, because I don't understand very well
Isn't this an infraction, i.e. asking people to pm? Every one of these I have seen ends in tears. If it's not then maybe it should be.

If it's a genuine offer then post the details, if the mods think it needs protecting then it, and you, would be moved to JrVIP, what's to lose?
To be fair there is nothing wrong with trying to find the best talent in multiple places. The question still remains, "wth is the opportunity"?

You dont have to tell me in this thread as I have seen other threads like this who request PM, so, maybe you're legit. Someone will find out either way.
pm me details ..lets see what this is abt
I already earn $5000 a month whattya got that will make my penis bigger?
I hope this is Kleeneeze, I've been dying to get into that racket :rolleyes:
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