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May 27, 2009
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BHW Launch Special OFFER! 30% Discount

About ProSiteFlippers
Is your goal to become an Elite Digital Nomad? If so, we're here to help you make that dream come true; in a nutshell, that's what we're about! That stated we get it; you're salivating to see our current listings; here they are:

  • SEOForxxxxx.com ($989.00 - GMB & Local SEO Services)
  • SocialMediaxxxxxxxx.com ($989.00 - Social Media Services Provider)
  • MobileAppxxxxxxxx.com ($899.00 - Mobile App Services)
  • CBDxxx.com ($899.00 - CBD Products)
  • xxxxxxxxDigital.com ($989.00 - Digital Marketing & SEO Services)
  • Pythonxxxxxx.com ($899.00 - Python Tutor or Classes)
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSchools.net ($899.00 - AdSense EMD, Medical school-related)
  • Keywordxxxx.com ($899.00 - Keyword & SEO Services)
  • xxxBlogxxxx.com ($999.00 - WordPress & WooCommerce Services)
  • xxxxxxxWrite.com ($889.00 - Content Provider Services, web copy, articles, press releases)
  • xxxxxThemes.com ($999.00 - WordPress Theme Provider)
  • xxCloudxxxxx.com ($889.00 - Web Hosting company)
  • xxxxxxTattoos.com ($989.00 - Tattoo Parlor)
  • SiteSpeedxxxxxxx.com ($889.00 - WordPress Site Speed Services)
  • xxxxxxxxAutorepair.com ($899.00 - Auto Mechanic, Car Repair Services)

Our Pre-Production Websites
Or pre-production websites are not yet complete; they are entering into the stages of polishing off the design and layout, adding SEO Content and Web Copy, and then our final quality control check. Jump on any of these, and we'll work out a deal for you!

  • xxxxxSEO.com ($899.00 - SEO Services)
  • VideoxxxxPro.com ($1889.00 Video Editing Services)
  • OnlinexxxxxCourses.com ($889.00 - Online Courses EMD)
  • REOxx.com ($989.0 - Real Estate Services, Sales, Investments)
  • xxxxxxDildos.com ($1299.00 - Sex Toys, Adult Store, EMD)
  • xxxxxxxDrones.com ($1089.00 Drone Services, Products, Licensing)
  • xxxxxxxxxxSEO.com ($989.00 - SEO Services)
  • xxxxxxxxxYoga.com ($989.00 - Yoga Studio, Amazon, Yoga Instructor for Women)
  • xxxxxDiving.com ($989.00 - Scuba Diving Training, Excursions/Products)
  • Dogsxxxx.com ($889.00 - Pet Products and/or Services, Amazon, Affiliate)
  • CryptoCurrencyxxxxxx.com ($889.00 - Cryptocurrency)
  • xxxxxSEO.com ($989.00 - SEO Services)
  • xxxxServers.com ($989.00 Hosting, VPS Servers, Cloud Servers)
  • Whiskeyxxx.com ($989.00 - Amazon, Whiskey Products)
  • ixxxxxHost.com ( $989.00 - Hosting Company, Hosting Services)
  • xxxxxSexyLingerie ($989.00 - Lingerie Shop, Affiliate, Amazon)

Contact Info
BHW - @Crewchief007
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Email -
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Thanks iModBot, that was a lighting fast process!

Nice deal!

Your "Like" button must not work, LOL???!!!

The site which you have already has traffic ?

@nifras, these are Monetization Ready DFY websites; if you're asking do these websites have traffic, some do, but we don't guarantee traffic on our DFY websites.

Let me know if there's any in the camping niche which already has some traffic

This particular thread does not include our web properties that have traffic and are making money; that's another thread coming soon, but thanks for asking, and I'll update you once we bring the income-producing sites online.

What's up next?

As you know, even before the latest update, which was the Google Web Core Vitals, website speed had become a MAJOR issue! That update exposed two CRITICAL issues for site owners: (1). The need to have their websites optimized for speed (2). The need to migrate to better hosting providers. Face it, competition is STIFF and these are two indictments against slow-loading websites.

In the case against slow loading websites.

Count #1:
Most people have no clue how to optimize their website, but G00gle states, "Ignorance of website optimization is no excuse!"

Count #2:
Using outdated hosting services. Fortunately, the Internet is evolving. Unfortunately, many hosting providers are stuck in 2006, 2010, and 2015. Consequently, your site could be properly optimized but fail the speed test due to your hosting provider's failure to update their infrastructure.

How do YOU turn this lemon into thirst-quenching freshly squeezed organic lemonade?

Simple! Start your own Site Speed Optimization Service that also includes hosting, and be the answers to their problems!

I've got a business in the box with YOUR name on it!

The domain name is PERFECT! The website is PERFECT! The SEO is PERFECT!

What are you waiting for? Let's GO!

REMEMBER; the pricing for BHW members is different than the stated price on the sales page.

To your success!

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