Wanna mess with an online poll?


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Dec 31, 2009
The local political website in my town is running a poll to see who would win the mayor's race if it were held tomorrow.

I wanna throw it for the guy that I think is the honest hard working one.

Can I get some BHW help?


The guy I want to win would hate me for doing this.. first name on the ballot.

Also.. I tried swapping useragents clearing cookies swapping proxies etc. and the poll detected it? I even swapped refers.

Take site that gets a lot of traffic and add a hidden iframe with the sites address with above added. Everytime someone visits your site they vote for the first choice.


Edit: nevermind the UniquePollID would stop that from working.
ya thanks for the try anyway.. if anyone comes up with a script to rig it lemme know.
Thank you all! If anyone else could help that would be great.. Id like to see him win by 200 votes.
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