[VID]How to Use Google SideWiki For Maximum Profit.

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Most sites I go to you cant leave comment this is just for shitty sites !!

Are you kidding me? You can drop links on killer sites. I dropped a link to a bogus site live on the video on WorldofWarcraft.com. That link and comment is still live today. This tells me Google is not monitoring what is being posted on these sites.

I have also dropped links on WikiPedia numerous times. These sites aren't shitty sites.

Its nofollow, and no traffic too !!!

Yes, it is is no follow. I pointed that out. But there's definitely traffic. People get so hung up on links being no follow but they forget that just because a link is no follow doesn't make it useless.

You just have to do it right. Digg is no follow as well as many of the top Social Bookmarking sites. But those sites get your sites tons of traffic. If you do it right.

I have been monitoring this and what I see is the typical noobs doing everything wrong. It's the same thing you see wherever you go - Yahoo Answers, Digg, other Social Bookmarking sites, Blog comments, etc - the posts lack any creativity. It's almost always the obvious self-promotion type of post.

If people would spend the extra 30 secs to really think it through when they post and add a little creativity into it, they would see so much better results.

The video was just to make people aware of the potential of this tool. It is literally a "backdoor" for you to steal traffic from pretty much any site you want.
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Good post Yukinari.

Putting efforts in my YouTube comments instead of spamming gave me an
insane return on the Rude buzz - conversion was that good I had to bump
through some junk traffic to make it try and look legit.

I'd rather a single decent post (in SideWiki, YT, CL, whatevs), rather than
A HUNDRED ill-thought out, copy-pasted or plain spam posts...

...that's my .02c
Certainly a under used tool for webmasters and i one i did not much about before i read this imformative post, thanks
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