Very targeted keyword with high CPC or Broader Niche?

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    I want to start a website in the health niche Adsense as revenue. Here's my dilemma (This is an example, this isn't the actual niche):

    Choice 1:
    Ear problems - Website about ear problems:
    -multiple keywords/topics with 10k-100k searches per month and $1 to $3 CPC and low / medium competition.
    I'm thinking of turning the related longer tailed keywords into small articles/pages in the site.


    Choice 2:
    Website about a specific ear problem (example: "EarDeafitis" , made up name to serve as example)
    -CPC is $4 for the sole one word keyword with low competition and 100k-1M searches a month
    -Since it's specific, only a one page site with information about it will probably be the best I can do.
    -The small longtails keywords around it all have HIGH competition and has a CPC of $1 to $2 only
    -I'm new to Adsense, but I don't really think there will be Ads that really match "EarDefitis" more than it matches the broader ear problems niche so that CTR will be low.

    Which would you rather choose and which one should be good with Adsense?