Verification via meta data for redtube having troubles.

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    May 23, 2014
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    im having trouble verifying redtube affiliate via metadata, i cant seem to link the code they are giving me to the source code of my website. iv been at it for about 3 hours and have failed. a little help would be nice.

    these are the two ways i can do it.

    method 1Verification via file upload:

    Download the verification file "file code im not going to post it but it goes in here" (mouse right click and save as), upload it in the root directory of each domain and then click on the verify link.

    method2 Verification via meta data (recommended for blogs or free webspaces):

    Copy this code line below and paste it in the source code of your websites between the <head></head> tags. Then click on the verify link.

    i just need help. if anyone can give me guidance it would be greatly appreciated.