Using PayMate or ProPay


Jul 7, 2011
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I've had about 6-7 Paypal accounts in the past two years all limited. I'm fed up with it...I don't know who isn't.

I know MoneyBookers is a good PayPal alternative.
Has anyone used Paymate or ProPay?
What are your experiences with these companies?
Haven't heard of them but I hear if you buy gaypal accounts they want you to
re-verify every month. Buy moneybookers once and no more worries.
Can someone with paypal pay you if you accept another service like moneybookers or propay?
I'm considering opening up a Moneybookers account. From what i've heard there's much less hassle maintaining one as opposed to GayPal.

No. But other services can still process your credit card payment without having an account.
I think ccnow is the way to go. You can still accept paypal payments and credit and debit cards. Just invoice your buyers with a link to pay through ccnow and they can still use their pp account and be "covered" under pp protection.
Moneybookers is no doubt a very good option. But you cannot spend from it because it is not widely accepted, nor there is any way like PayPal -- > Moneybookers.

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