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    Hi all, a few things I've been reading lately have me concerned about one of my websites. The images that it uses are mostly all from Amazon. They are not being pulled by the API, they are all uploaded to my server manually. I know some people say (I asked a quiestion on Argans Amazon Journey Thread) that it can be a problem when images are on your own server and its best to use API.

    However, before I knew about this potential problem I'd already added 350 posts on this particular website, all of which contain numerous images of some of the top products out there in the niche. Most of the images are library / stock images, would that make a difference?. They are used on numerous other websites in the same niche. I've never had any copyright issues, the site is over 2 years old, but I'm wondering if I should address this issue now before the site grows bigger.

    My options are to use a plugin like Amazon Link and go through every post taking out pictures and using the API to grab them, or using the WooAmazon plugin. But what I've noticed from using WooAmazon on another site I own is that it just uploads the images to my server anyway, it doesn't pull them from amazon everytime the page loads..So it defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do.. Or am I doing something wrong?

    Does anyone know of a mass tool that could make this process quicker than changing things post by post. I wouldn't want to sell the site and lumber someone with the same problem. What do you guys suggest?. Thanks.
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    hi i know this is an old post but i have almost exactly the same problem can any share some light on this?

    i also wonder if any plugins can make wordpress use thumbnail?