US - Cuba Negotiations


Mar 31, 2014
I'm interested where this will go, if the embargo is lifted.... i hope we can get some Cuban cigar affiliate programs going :D
What do you guys think of this?
thedailybeast (dot) com/cheats/2014/12/17/alan-gross-released-from-cuban-prison.html?via=twitter_page
If I was in the Cuban cigar business I'd be getting out of it right about now :)

When the embargo gets lifted there will be a lot more money to be made by exporting goods to Cuba.

That and tourism.
You could actually make a WSO on 'How to exploit the online cigar niche, once the embargo is lifted' and it will sell on WF.
Prospective businesses in the new Cuba : Alcohol and Tobacco.

No Firearms. You gotta be in America to get the full ATF.
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