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    Hello there , I'm planing to start my career as an affiliate marketer and im starting from scrach. There are fiew questions I'd like to ask about "inside" and "outside" seo and unique article writing . this may be not the place to post this thread , but as I mentioned earlyer im starting from scrash so I'll start with blogger bloggs to promote some of affiliate offers or wordpress blogs that are free . I haven't setteled yet on wich one to choose , currently I'm using blogger , I find it simpler (if it's even a word) . I made a thread before asking about whitch one is better and I got different opionions as well as if its possible to rank blog to rank 1 . I'll be doing everything manually building and optimising blog , writing articles and building links . Is that all that makes SEO ?

    1. Is keyword density still a "thing" or something that you can use for youtube ?
    2. Is warriaty of links better than lets say only building links on mini-sites or blog guest posting ? (by the way what is that ? blog guest posting . )
    3.Could anyone describe to me what meaning has press release and what is that ? what does that do for SEO ?

    I'm still a rookie at this , everything looks so difficult and confusing but I'm going to figure this out . I'm learning alot about IM and SEO . I'm not going to quit , it all looks interesting and fun if you can call it that and i beleave it's a better thing than wasting time on useless video games that I've been going for last 10 years I believe.
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    Welcome to internet marketing. You are right that there is a lot to learn but there is definitely no shortage of resources. Keep reading and asking questions and you should be fine.

    1. Producing unique content and building inbound links to your site are a big part of SEO but they are not the only things you can be doing. There are a lot of factors within those two elements that you should be paying attention to. For instance on-site optimization involves proper placement of keywords in website architecture and copy. Other things like site speed, navigation, design, and social signals are also factors in SEO. Moz has a pretty good checklist here, http://moz.com/blog/how-to-perform-the-worlds-greatest-seo-audit
    2. I'm assuming your wrote the word variety. Yes variety of links is important but keep in mind that there is not set formula for building backlinks. In general you want to avoid looking like you are building links. If you start making any kind of pattern or make it look like your activities are unnatural, you will get dinged. A guest post is posting a blog entry on someone else's blog.
    3. Press releases are news based articles that are disseminated by press release services. For example PRWeb is one of the bigger ones and they distribute articles to thousands of websites on submission for a fee. There is evidence that these are not as effective for building backlinks anymore although some may disagree. Personally I have not found them worthwhile for that purpose however they are good for exposure if your target audience is reading them.
    Hope that helps,

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    Keyword density is not a thing anymore, in fact you should produce content based on having it be helpful to your users. Focusing too much on metrics like keyword density will detract from the overall quality of your content.
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    I agree with TheContentAuthority