Twitter SSL Cert? And Other Related Twitter Q's

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    Hello BHW,

    I have been building quite a few Twitter accounts, linked up to autoblogs. I am using Tweetadder to manage all of my accounts, and I use one proxy per 3 accounts. I have a few questions that I would like to ask this community.

    What is the impact of the SSL certificate that comes with the https? Can this be used to link my accounts together? Also, how might I reset this, so that logging in won't leave footprints back to other accounts.

    Also, I have been following roughly 100-120 people a day with my accounts, and the following is growing very slowly. I have an average following of 200 people on all of my blogs that are 2 weeks old. I would like to stay in a safe range. Any suggestions?

    With duplicate content, what are some other reliable sources for traffic, besides twitter?

    Thanks for your replies!