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May 15, 2014
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Any other sites out there just like sweetleaks offering free Retweets and/or Favorites?

Or one with the same exact things, however a low-ish price?
Exactly. I agree with GiftGuru, using free sites puts your account at risk and might get it suspended or they might manipulate it for their own benefits. Hence, I would rather suggest you to check out the BHW Marketplace, there are a lot of quality services which offer exactly what you're looking for!
If it is "free".... beware... a lot of those sites hijack your account and start tweeting/following people.
This site actually does not. It requires you to create fake accounts with bio, and profile picture. The website then uses all the fake accounts registered to give people the RTs/QuoteRT/Favs/Replies they request. It never asks for any information involving your real account.
The site was "rebuilding" due to their errors, however I got on the site today and its down completely. Not sure what's up.
I want to buy this site code and put it for myself to use.

But, the site owner is not so trustable. He is selling user for USD25.... :(
Hi all -

My name is Maxwell, I am the sole owner of SweetLeaks (soon to switch names, tbd). As mentioned above, the website I created used fake accounts to provide the free retweets, replies, followers, and favourites as promised. At no point did we ask for any sort of password for your main account. Even when connecting your fake account with the website, we do not gain access to this password. When you connect you agree to allow the site ability to do the various actions as previously mentioned.

The problem with my site is that the site gathered more users than expected (over 1,000 in under a month then about 10,000 in six). Causing the twitter API (which we used) detected this large activity, banning many of the accounts provided then finally banning the application which then disables any accounts connected. In return causing us to reconnect each and every account, eventually I just gave up on the project letting everyone else diverge into my code extract it for themselves. Understandably, I noticed many attempts of people to interpret my code to no avail or success at such a [SL] level.

Recently, I've begun production on a new and approved SweetLeaks. Unlike a year ago, I am incorporating special protectors to help ensure at least 75% more uptime than previously, as well as fall backs and other things to help prevent from the app becoming banned - which also sets aside from any other free websites promising similar things.

If you'd like to be contacted when this new project is completed please email me: gnarlytides on gmail - thank you.
Never go for free providers.

We offer and Instant Retweets Service where up to 1,000 Real people automatically retweet your tweet right after you posted it.
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