Tweet Limit through API, php script, on Aged Accounts? :: No more "Twitter Jail" please!

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by c-a-w, Jun 15, 2013.

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    As an experiment I purchased 10 aged accounts (3+ years old). I set them all up with developer access, changed their names, passwords, and connected them to a little php script I made to test.

    I ran a simple search to find people tweeting about a certain topic (let's say, "nba finals") and began responding to some people (not an (at)reply, but in-line conversation reply).

    Here's an example conversation (not real accounts or tweets):

    (at)randomUser [doesn't follow me, i don't follow]:
    (at)nbaSuperFan [reply to tweet id of the above, not as general (at)reply]:
    The link wouldn't always be the same. But always nba(.)com.

    About 25% of the time I wouldn't link at all:

    After nearly 100 tweets in 24 hours (all sent manually, through simple php script using Twitter API on clean account and ip) Twitter sent me a message that my account was deactivated. But once I filled out a CAPTCHA I was back in action.

    But after another 25 or so I was blocked again, this time for at least 24 hours (still blocked). I expect they'll let me back in the next day or so, but I'd rather not get blocked at all.

    All of my tweets are unique. All of my links are unique. All of my tweets are human generated, in response to actual tweets in a natural way. Nothing looks like spam because it's all manually written by me.

    I'm not sure exactly what I want to do if this experiment works yet, but I'd like to be able to send 100-300 tweets a day without being sent to "Twitter Jail". Every tweet will always be conversational.

    Can you help me know what I'm doing wrong and how I might get around this?

    (please forgive the (at)'s. The at symbol keeps triggering BHW spam filter for some reason)
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    ehehe i have more that 10 account (every account aged between 3 months - a year) everyday i posted more than 500 tweet/account contain link,pic,mention, no probs at all :) *for now
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    PHP Scripting ;)
    If you are doing manually, why do you want the API approach? Why dont you do it manually?

    For the API, here are the limits.

    Current Twitter limits

    The current technical limits for accounts are:

    Direct messages: 250 per day.
    Tweets: 1,000 per day. The daily update limit is further broken down into smaller limits for semi-hourly intervals. Retweets are counted as Tweets.
    Changes to account email: Four per hour.
    Following (daily): The technical follow limit is 1,000 per day. Please note that this is a technical account limit only, and there are additional rules prohibiting aggressive following behavior. Details about following limits and prohibited behavior are on the Follow Limits and Best Practices page.
    Following (account-based): Once an account is following 2,000 other users, additional follow attempts are limited by account-specific ratios. The Follow Limits and Best Practices page has more information.
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    OMG, this is strange - looks like you are doing exactly what Twitter is created for...and they are suspending you? Do you have tweets without links?
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    Your using the API and responding to people. Which is why your getting red flagged.

    Try the same thing, but ditch your script and actually use the accounts manually. I f that works, then you need to bot it without the API.
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    Exactly,The new API changes were pretty much to prevent spam and this sort of "targeting",To me its stupid because if you use the site (no API) like GST mentioned you still get the results in JSON format (its url encoded and not as many results) but still,It works well.
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    You got reported for spam by many people. It doesn't matter. One link is all it takes. You shouldn't be sending links to people who don't follow you.