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[Tutorial]- How to Give Access In Your Google Webmaster Account

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by aka sam, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Sep 15, 2011
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    Recently I was working for a client; whose ranking was shuffling in Google. As a service provider, Its my duty to give my best for everybody. And I always wanted to give the value of their money to them. So if they are not happy in the end, I don?t feel happy. (No No I am not trying to impress potential clients out there.!)

    I asked my client to provide me his "Google Webmaster tool access" so that I can analysis his position and incoming links and other relevant data. When I asked him..He was like "Is that really possible?"

    I knew it was possible but I have to give them tutorials after searching on Google so that He could do that for me. And eventually he did that for me.

    What I felt was, Most of the people are aware of "Giving access in Google Analytics" but only few know that you can now provide access to your service provider in "Google webmaster tools" as well.

    So I am putting am a very small tutorial (though its available on Google) but I wanted to keep this on BHW..(I love this place man!)

    Here we go:

    Assumption: You (the client or the owner of the website) have already submitted and verified your website in Google webmaster tools

    Step 1:
    Log into your Google Webmaster tool Account and You should see something Like this :


    Step 2: click on the "Manage" Site and you will find something like this


    Step 3: click on the "Add or Remove User" and you will find something like this


    Step 4: click on the "Add A new User " and you will find something like this:


    Now you just need to put the Email ID of the person you want to give access to.

    Hope it helps !!